Welcome to jetlag

Our hotel is beautiful. We made it here around dinnertime, went out in
search of sushi, and barely made it to 8pm when we all crashed. We set
up some books and an iPod on the bathroom for anyone so was wakeful
during the night. Ellie was in there around 2am when Polk and I each
got into the Ambien. At 6am everyone was jumping around ready for
breakfast. But now at 8am Ellie has crashed. We introduced Trip to the
magic of the slingbox which let's him watch our home tv on the
computer - at least until tomorrow when we leave the computer at our
Tokyo apartment for the next month. It is a luxury to be here for a
long time so we can gear up slowly.

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  1. Glad you guys made it and are enjoying the hotel! Are you guys the tallest family in Tokyo?