American Style?

This morning, our hotel decided to serve us their interpretation of an
American style breakfast. Here it is. Starting from the lower left
corner, that's a bowl of white rice. Next, in the upper left is ham
and eggs cooking in their own clay pot. This kind of cooking is
apparently a Kyoto specialty. We had eight meals here and were served
eight different things that cooked right on our tray in the time it
took for a little sterno cake to burn out. Polk's often wouldn't cook
completely because he was constantly taking the lid off to peer at it
and declare that it was never going to cook in time. The rest of us
had no problems, but back to the topic of our so called American
breakfast... Next we have a green salad topped with cucumber, white
asparagus, corn, and cold sausages. After that you can see spaghetti
flavored with sesame. Next is a beautifully cut orange, green tea, and
in the red container, miso soup. Last is a little tray of seaweed
sheets next to chopsticks and a dish with a tiny amount of soy sauce
for the nori seaweed and rice. Whew! It was not exactly American style
but it was tasty. I prefer the Japanese breakfast, but I can't
complain about ham and eggs that cook themselves.