Camping at $300/night - an alternative view of Ryokans

My lovely spouse has posted about my skepticism regarding some of our
acommodations on our grand tour of Japan. Let me explain a bit more.

Traditional Japanese guest houses (ryokans) involve (among other
things) sleeping on the floor - on a thin futon or mat - eating on the
floor - again on a small, thin pad - and generally being on the floor
- typically there is no regular furniture. I understand how this is
traditional, and I get the minimalist asthetic, but count me as
someone who thinks that the last 200 years has brought us some
conveniences and comforts, and that we needn't experience the 1800s
merely to say we have.

I don't mind a night or so of traditional living (read: discomfort,
shared bathrooms, cramped quarters), but there can be too much of a
good thing. You are free to call me a grump.

I should add for those who are curious that it appears that the
ryokans are at least as expensive and often much more expensive than
the top-end western-style hotel we stayed at in downtown Tokyo. So
it's not like you trade comfort for price.

One additional note: the current hotel we're staying in in Koyto is a
modern interpretation of a traditional roykan, and is more
comfortable, including our own facilities. So you can find a mix of
styles. Of course, it is extremely expensive, though a lot of that is
because of the daily breakfast and dinner served in our rooms (which
are delicious).

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more "clarifications" of Sarah's
posts as needed.


  1. Polk take some pictures for your wife with kids!

  2. Looking forward to camping with you guys this summer. It will seem like a luxury to have a blown-up mattress.