Ellie Writes: the Onsen

Yesterday I went to the onsen. The onsen is like a public bath
with water from under the earth. First you go in and take off your
shoes. Then you pick a yukata and go in. A yukata is a Japanese robe.
I picked a pink one. After that you go into the bath changing room and
take off your clothes. Then you wash your whole body. Then you go in
the baths. Some baths are clear and some are colored. Some are indoor
and some are outdoor. I liked it because the baths were hot. I want to
go again when we come back to Tokyo.


  1. Ellie - I would just love to go to the onsen with you. I have a few questions though. Do you go into the different baths naked? Are they different baths for girls and boys? Are there other people in the baths with you like a hot tub? When we were in Turkey they had public baths but they were called hamans. I was a little too shy about trying them, but now I wish I had so we could compare experiences.

    I really loved the picture of you pretending to be a princess high up in the old castle. Were you imagining that you were wearing a beautiful silk kimono and chopsticks in your hair?

    Please write and describe more adventures. I WILL be with you in spirit. Love, Grammie

  2. Hi Ellie,

    It's Mary. I miss you but I hope you are having fun.
    Did you start school yet and what are you doing in school?

    Michael wanted to known if you had jet lag and if it was cool crossing the international date line.

    I don't know if I would like to take the kind of bath you took. What has been your favorite part about Japan?

    Have fun!