For Jackson, From Ellie

This note is for Jackson because he is very into nature. We have been
seeing some big fish called carp. Some are colorful and some are gray.
At the castle we saw a really big one. The Japanese word for carp is
koi. I think Jackson would like them because it is a pond animal and
he likes ponds. If he can't get a dog, he should ask his dad for koi
because they are also big and they also beg for food.


  1. Ellie - Did this bridge with the water lilies under it make you think of Monet's paintings and the pictures I showed you this summer of his gardens at Giverney in France? Now you know what gave him his inspiration to create those grdens and paint those pictures. I hope you are soaking up lots of inspiration for your own art projects. Have you done any sketches yet? Love, Grammie

  2. Thank you Ellie for the note and the picture. I hope my Daddy gets me a pond like that.