Grammie should have been there

Ellie and I took a little excursion to a neighborhood filled with
dollmakers. This shop, opened in 1711, is run by the 11th generation
of the same family. They had every kind of Japanese doll. Ellie and I
were on the hunt for additions to our collection of wooden kokeshi
folk art dolls, which are much less delicate than most of the ornate
kimono-clad dolls here. I'll post a picture when we've collected a few
new ones.

To answer some of Grammie's questions, we will post complete details
on our apartment later this week, but yes, we all have actual beds
except for Trip who has a very cozy futon set nestled into the corner
of the kids' bedroom.

You asked what American foods we were craving. I asked everyone and
only Trip had a quick answer: SUSHI! None of the rest of us could
really come up with anything. There is a lot we can't here, but there
are so many things we can't get easily or at all at home, so we have
been enjoying those things. At the apartment I will pretty much cook
Japanese because that is the ingredients that are most readily
available. We had pasta for dinner the other night and it tasted
pretty good though at home we don't get all that excited about pasta.

I should also say that we haven't seen a whole grain since we left
the United States and we've been served plenty of (non-organic) meat,
deep fried foods and snack foods. I also don't think we've seen a
single overweight Japanese person. And now that I think of it, I know
there are gyms, but we haven't seen anyone jogging or exercising
outdoors. The difference is portion size. Plates are the size of
coffee cup saucers. The biggest bag of chips you can buy are the size
we would put in lunchboxes. We have, unfortunately, developed a bit if
an evening ice cream bar habit since we are eating so well otherwise.
We have to maintain our American figures so you all will recognize us
when we return.

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