No, no, we won't go!

It is time for us to pack up and move on. At six this morning, I got
up, got dressed, pulled the blankets and folded them, pulled the
quilts and folded them, yanked the futons out from under the sleeping
kids and folded them, so the kids were left with nothing but their
tiny bean-filled pillows, but they were determined to stay in bed.


  1. Looking at these pictures and reading your comments is just the best way in the world to start my morning! Ellie, how does it feel to be the tallest one in your class? You look like a supermodel in the group pics. I just couldn't believe hom many Japanese princesses there are. Trip, even if the candy looked different, I bet you ate it. What did it taste like? Which ones were your favorites? Did your Mom sneak candy out of your basket? Yup, I thought so.
    I gave your little cousin Maddie a haircut this weekend. Unfortunately, she looks like someone upturned a rice bowl on her head and cut around it. A little weird. Uncle Teddy told me not to cut his baby's hair ANYMORE! I love you guys. Grammie

  2. I think they should stay like that for the rest of the trip.