Questions from Kids: Answers for Trip's class

We are away right now, but I set this message to auto-send on Friday. Here is a double scoop of info for Trip's classmates:

Sarah: What did you do at school?
Trip: I played with building blocks.  The first day I got there it was raining so we did exercise inside and it was too loud. But the next day, it was sunny so we got to go outside.

Lilia: What projects did you do at school?
Trip: I made a Halloween bucket for trick or treating and other stuff for Halloween.

Madeline: Is there a Obama voting there?
Trip: I don't think so... that's a tricky one.
Trip's mom: We mailed our absentee ballots from Japan so, yes, there was some Obama voting here.

Christian: Are there oranges in the market in Japan?
Trip: There's not Pennsylvania oranges. They have the kind you can peel their skin.
Trip's mom: They have wonderful little tangerines that are like the best Clementines you'll ever have - easy to peel, never any seeds, and very sweet.  They are called Mikan. Both Ellie and Trip (and I) thought they didn't like oranges, but they love mikan.

Drew: Are you riding a train to school?
Trip: No, we rode in a car.

Yasmin: Do you have flowers there?
Trip: I really don't know.
Trip's mom: Yes, there are flowers, but not always a lot of land to plant them.  Even in the country, no one has big yards or porches with pots like we do at home.

Jaden: Why did you go to a new school? We miss you!
Trip: Because we wanted to spend time there.  I miss Jaden too.

Erica: Is your school fun?
Trip: Yes. The best part is I like exercising outside. I like to run around the track.

Sanaa: Is your school big or small?
Trip: Absolutely very, very small, but it is really long too.

Bryan: Do you have toys?
Trip: Yes only small toys.  My sister is building a pirate ship out of cards.

Avinesh: Do you have a playground at your school?
Trip: Yes, at the school and we found some in Tokyo too.

Ms. Stephanie: Do you sleep on the floor?
Trip: Yes, I've slept on the floor many times, on a futon.

To Dylan: Thanks for the Phillies update.
Trip: We know already.
Trip's mom: In Tokyo, we have a gadget that allows us to watch our home TV, live, in Japan.  We got it so we could watch Michigan football games, but this season, we'd rather tune in to the Phillies.

Alex F: Why did Trip go to a new school?
Trip: Because I wanted to visit there.  Don't worry, I'll be back in a week.
Trip's mom: Actually, more like a little more than a month.

Yasmin: Were you Spiderman for Halloween?
Trip: I want to be Spiderman. Actually, Batman. I'll be Spiderman next year.
Trip's mom: Trip was and will be a skeleton because we have skeleton pajamas that can do double duty as a costume.

Jaden: Why were all of the girls dressed like princesses at your school?
Trip: Because girls like princesses. One girl wasn't. Emi was a panda bear.

Sarah: What was the candy like?
Trip: It was great.  I ate the whole bucket full before we went back to our friends' house.

Madeline: Is there a big clock in the town square?
Trip: I don't really know.
Trip's mom: I've noticed that playgrounds often have some sort of big outdoor clock.

Malvika: What were you for Halloween?
Trip: I was a blow up in the dark skeleton.

Bryan: Is there a shopping center?
Trip: I don't really know.
Trip's mom: Yes, there are lots of shopping centers including big department stores with whole floors of sample toys to play with and rooftop playlands.
Trip's sister: The biggest shopping area in Tokyo is called Ginza.

Sanaa: What kind of candy is your favorite?
Trip: Gin-pops - they are little peanuts with chocolate that I ate with my friends.
Trip's mom: I can't confirm this name, but Trip was hanging out with a pack of bigger girls on the Halloween party day so maybe they told him the name. Stay tuned to find out how we celebrate Halloween in Tokyo.

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