Questions from Kids: Answers for Trip's Class

Last week, Trip's class asked some questions about Japan and now that
we have been here a few days, we have some answers for you.

Tyler: Is there a McDonalds?
Trip: yes, we saw some but we did not eat there yet.

Avinesh: how is the food?
Trip: they have good donuts and sushi too!

Sanaa: do they have wheelbarrels?
Trip: no.
Trip's mom: well, we didn't see one in Tokyo but we are headed out of
the city today and we will keep looking. We will also be visiting a
shitake mushroom farm in a couple of weeks so we might see one there.

Jeb: is there a beach?
Trip: yes
Trip's mom: Tokyo is not known for beaches, but we did find one on the
island in Tokyo Bay where we were staying - it seems they have
everything you could imagine and more here.

Dylan: do you have a pool?
Trip: yes but no kids allowed.
Trip's mom: Bummer! Can you believe it? Who ever heard of a hotel pool
where kids are not allowed?

Drew: do you get to ride on a train?
Trip: yes, we are ok a train right now! A bullet train. We've seen
lots of trains.

Bryan: do they have ice cream and lots of people?
Trip: yes I had pumpkin ice cream and there are a lot of people in the
train stations.

Ms. Stephanie: how long was the plane trip? Did you get to watch a
Trip: it was pretty long. We had screens for our seats. I watched a
lot of Phineas and Fern. I also watched Kung Fu Panda and I started to
watch Narnia.

Ms. Nancy: why are you going on a trip?
Trip: mmm... Just to explore!


  1. Deat Trip,

    Thank you for answering our questions. We miss you!

    I want play with Trip!- Madeline

    Is there baseball there?- Jaden

    Is there basketball there?- Dylan

    Do they play football in Japan?- Erika

    Do they celebrate Halloween and have pumpkins?- Bryan

    Do they have parties for Halloween?- Erica

    Do they have a zoo?- Sarah

    Do they have wild flamingos?- Sanaa

    What is another favorite native food that the kids are going to eat?- Ms. Nancy

    What is a shitake mushroom farm?- Ms Stephanie

    Love the Pictures!!!!!


  2. Trip - I have never even heard of pumpkin ice cream. That was a very interesting detail for me to hear about. Good for you for trying new things. When you tell us about these things, we get to explore with you. Love, Grammie