School time

> We squeeze in school time whenever we can. This morning Polk is out
> at a laundromat so we are doing a little handwriting practice,
> journal writing, maybe I'll even cook up some math problems.
> In preparation for our visit to Hiroshima, we have finished our
> historical fiction book about a girl who witnessed the attack on
> Pearl Harbor and we found some additional information on the causes
> of WWII in the Pacific. We have started a new historical fiction
> account of a girl who is a princess in Kyoto in the mid 1800s.
> Trip has been collecting answers for his class. Some of them we
> didn't know and had to ask. He also had a complete conversation in
> Japanese yesterday. Someone in the hallway of our hotel spoke to him
> in Japanese and Trip understood then replied appropriately in
> Japanese. Awesome!
> Here is a transcript of the conversation:
> Man: konnichiwa! (hello)
> Trip: konnichiwa!

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