To all of our fans

Thank you so much to all who have posted comments on our site. I want
you to know that your notes come directly by email and we all enjoy
every one of them.

I'm sorry that I have not been able to respond back by email or add to
your comments on the site. Because we are posting everything from our
iPhones and do not have a computer, some things are not as easy as it
seems they should be. But we want you to know that we enjoy hearing
from you.

Kate, your idea of getting the kids to count the pieces of sushi they
eat is brilliant, but alas, I think it is already too late. Four days
in and we've had sushi at least two more times, not to mention
onigiri, which are larger seaweed wrapped rice balls with fish or
other fillings- yum and only a dollar at any convenience store. We've
had a lot.

JJ, we made it! Let us know if you visit us again.

Lauren and Ted, thanks for stopping by. We've enjoyed your commentary
on your Facebook status updates.

Susanna, I'm not answering your question on this family oriented

Laura, the tennis post is for you. If Nadal was here I would have
hunted him down for a photo for you. Give Benji our URL.

Chao-Ming Chen, thank you for introducing yourself on our site. We are
very excited about your invitation to visit Taiwan. We would love to
meet you and your family. How exciting!

Trip's class and teachers, we love your questions - they are getting

Grammie, we have so much to tell you about. The stuff that makes it
onto our blog is only a fraction of our adventure. Ellie thinks you
should come visit. She thinks you would really like Japan and she
wants to take you to the onsen.

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  1. Sunny and all,
    Really enjoying all the picture and info on your adventure. Will stay posted. Aunt Sally