To our fans

Once again, thanks to everyone who comments on our posts. The first
thing we do when we wake up in the morning is grab the iPhone and read
our messages.

Grammie: thanks for promoting our blog to your friends. When we send
posts we like knowing that someone is reading them. Yes, Ellie and
Trip have been drawing in their journals. Ellie thought of Monet's
painting before you did. She has been inspired by Japan and wants to
decorate the Bald Head golf cart like a Shinto shrine.

Grampie: thanks for all of your comments on our posts. Even if they
don't always make sense we like to get your messages.

Susanna: thanks for holding down the fort at home. Yes, all we were
doing was eating in Kyoto. No, we never saw anyone burning money for
the dead. Thank you for the reminder to Polk to take photos.

Derek: Trip wants to know if you can have a playdate first thing in
the morning because he has so much to tell you about. Yes the volcano
was very cool and a little bit dangerous.

Alex: welcome to the missing front teeth club. One of Ellie's is
starting to grow in. Ellie's advice on eating with no front teeth:
bite with the side of your mouth or if it is too big just break it
into pieces.

Schulman family: Ellie says she kind of misses school, but Japanese
school is fun. She does not miss homework, but she does miss riding
the school bus. And don't worry, Japan is very safe.

To be continued...

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  1. That's not very Chinese of them for not burning money for the after life.