Transportation Extravaganza

We have used all kinds of transportation on this adventure. Trip is
helping me brainstorm a list:

Airplanes, ferry boat, jet plane, express train, subway, elevated
train, streetcar, bus, taxi, Shinkansen (bullet train), elevators,
escalators, ferris wheel, and lots of walking.


  1. Hi Everyone ~
    Well, you answered the class question about transportation! Since we started our idiom studies (Amelia Bedelia) + studies of Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA, the class has many questions: Alicia: Have you seen families with pets? Spencer: Is there a Japanese SPCA? Miss K.: Are there ceramic cats in all the stores to symbolize good luck? Becca: Does the food at McDonalds taste like home? Miss K.: When you visited Peace Park + signed the book, how did you feel? Did someone help you fold the origami crane? Vidal: Are there other stores there, that we have in the US? - - - - I guess I'll have more questions after we read your blog during the week. I am also going to look for the book to read to the class about Sadako. Oh + the little doll in your Happy Meal looks like a big version of a small set of wooden China dolls I have - a prized possession that belonged to my grandmother. I am so enjoying looking at all of your photos + reading about your travels. I was at the beach with Laura today + we were talking about what an amazing time you must be having!! Hugs, Miss K.

  2. One more question - - from Miss K.'s family: Is there anything on the news about the upcoming election for our US president?