The Adventure Never Ends

Just when I thought that our adventure (and constant blog posting) was
over, the kids spotted these dinosaur bones in the Atlanta airport and
insisted I take a picture.
Thanks to everyone who has followed along with us on our journey. I
won't be posting regularly after this, but if you stop by to view the
site, leave a comment to tell us you were here and we'll get it.


  1. Welcome back! We are at the airport on our way to Santa Fe. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. are you ever going to call me back?

  3. Ellie, I hope you come back! We really miss you! I would like you to send me a note and tell me about you whole entire trip when you get back.
    Love Alex!

  4. I will have the DT's while going through withdrawl now that there won't be anymore postings.......perhaps a big stiff gimlet will help......What do you know?! I just happen to have simple syrup and fresh limes in the fridge and a bottle of Grey Goose in the freezer. I'm feeling calmer already. Whew!

  5. what a fabulous trip and such a wonderful thing for the kids. Memories forever. RC