Baby Boss

The next amazing place our hosts took us was a fun and hilarious
complex called Baby Boss, a mini city where kids can choose one of
more than 50 jobs ranging from astronaut to convenience store clerk..
I had heard of the concept in Japan, but I had read that you had to
speak Japanese to go there so I scratched that off my list. We were
thrilled when we realized where we were, but the rule was the same
here; you had to speak Chinese and the kids had to go in by
themselves. Jennie to the rescue! She agreed to translate everything
for Ellie and Trip. How impressive for a seven year old to be able to
do such a thing! The tricky part was that the three kids had to agree
on one job they all wanted do to. They did not choose to be lawyers.
I'll let Ellie explain in the next post.

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  1. This looks like such a cool place. Their choice to b magicians was interesting.