Back in Tokyo

It is funny how you can come back to a place and even if it isn't
home, it kind of feels like home. The arrival at the airport, the
trains into Tokyo, no big deal. Our apartment feels very comfortable.
We had some errands, some laundry, and some mommy-created school work
to catch up on. Polk got back to work on his presentation he's giving
next Tuesday. I cooked dinner at home and Trip just couldn't wait to
get started on his wakame seaweed soup. Also on tonight's menu: rice
(of course), Trip's favorite purple pickles, store-bought sushi rolls,
potato-veggie salad, fried panko shrimps, miso eggplant and scallions,


  1. Trip, Grampie is back. Save me a purple pickle.

  2. So healthy! America is going to corrupt you at Thanksgiving!