Be brave, have fun

Today was a festival day and Ellie wanted to participate like the
other children: dressed in a kimono. We couldn't get one of the ornate
ensembles children traditionally wear, but we did find this pretty red
cotton kimono and obi sash at a flea market.

Ellie was so excited to go and it wasn't until we were about to leave
the apartment that she realized she would be navigating the streets
and subways of Tokyo dressed rather conspicuously, especially for an
American girl. Literally the moment we walked out the door, the
housekeeping staff went crazy, exclaiming over Ellie in Japanese.

Ellie was nervous and she did draw a lot of attention, but she looked
beautiful. I give her a lot of credit. Because she was so brave, we
had a special and memorable day.


  1. This might be my favorite photo yet! Ellie, you look gorgeous! All of those beautiful flowers must be jealous of you!

  2. Where is Ellie? All I see is beautiful flowers.

  3. So, lots for attention! Ellie did you shy away or take in all the glory!