DIY Christmas lights

If you weren't sufficiently impressed with the environmentally
responsible use of water in the toilet in the previous post, maybe
you'll like this.

Just like at home, on the day after Halloween, all of the stores and
malls busted out their Christmas lights, decorations, music,etc. This
is particularly perplexing since Japan is not a Christian country and
people generally do not celebrate Christmas. If they do, it is kind if
like Valentine's Day. They might get a few decorations, a special
cake, give a small gift to a friend. And most people would not
understand or recognize the carols playing. But nevertheless, the
halls are decked.

One night this week we went to the Tokyo Dome amusement area. They had
several stations with exercise bikes powering different sections of
Christmas lights. I'm going to suggest to Polk that he hook up the
same kind of system to the lights on our house when we get home.

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