Gadget: Bath Control Panel

This might be our favorite item in the parade o' gadgets. This control
panel is in the kitchen on the wall. There is also one in the bath
room. The label next to it shows the English translation of the
buttons. It allows you to set the water temperature for the bathtub as
well as the shower and faucets seperately. A simple push of the pink
button automatically fills the tub to your desired temperature and
keeps it at that temperature for an hour. If you don't get in right
away, a push of the yellow button reheats the bath to your set
temperature. About 2 minutes before the bath is ready, a nice Japanese
lady's voice says something which we have translated as, "time to get
naked!" but I am sure it is something much more polite. Then when the
bath is ready, it chimes a nice little song. Ah, I will miss that song.


  1. how will you survive without the japanese lady beckoning you to the bath!