Gadget: Bath Room

When Japanese people say bathroom, they actually mean bath room. If
they are instead referring to the toilet room, they say toilet...
Crazy but true.

So this is our bath room, though it is a little hard to capture in one
photo. The door to the room is a frosted glass water sealed door and
everything in the room can get wet. You can see the tub which would be
prefilled as described in my previous post.

Not so fast. You can't get in the bath yet. It is the American habit
to rarely take baths and when we do, to just hop in and stew in our
own dirt. The Japanese way is to enjoy a bath every night, but only
after first scrubbing clean and rinsing off.

You can see the silver control bar in the picture. I don't know why we
can't have something like this. With the knob on the left end, you set
the exact temperature you like, by number. We have learned that we
like it at about 42 Celsius. With the knob on the right, you can turn
on a faucet or a hand held sprayer. So easy without so much adjusting
the knob all the time. I'll miss this too.


  1. This is more information than we really need!!!

  2. Dad is just reacting to the fact that it would be MUCH harder for him to get water all over the bathroom with this design.