Gadget grand finale

Ok, so some of our readers don't find the gadgets as exciting as we
do. These last few days we have been going back to some of our
favorite spots so we don't have as many new pictures, but I have been
holding a few posts until I complete the Parade o' Gadgets so stay

I couldn't end our gadget tour without the grand finale: the toilet!
The little arm and control panel along side the toilet is a common
feature on Japanese toilets. It controls the temperature of the heated
seat. It has buttons plus temperature and power level control for
spray wash, front and back. Trip particularly loves this feature but
sometimes manages to spray water everywhere, even on the ceiling. The
flush can be flushed two ways with little symbols that we later
figured out mean "small" and "large" - talk about too much
information! And lastly, check out the little sink on the back of the
tank. When you flush, the clean water that comes in to refill the tank
first runs out automatically through a faucet so you can use that
water to wash your hands. Ingenious!

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