Gadget: ventilation control panel

This control panel is on the wall outside of the bath/shower room.
After you get out of the bath, one push of the yellow button launches
a system of fans and blowers that completely dry the entire room. The
other button are used to pre-warm or pre-cool the room, a feature
which you can set to turn on in a certain number of hours (such as
before you wake up) or turn off in a certain number of hours. This
system also dries clothes on hangers in almost no time and keeps the
bathroom very dry and clean. Who knew ventilation could be so exciting?


  1. This is boring stuff!! You must be anxious to get home to the USA,

  2. I was kind of thinking the same thing as your dad! They must be running out of stuff to post! Of course, my girls are still pining for one of those heated, paperless are you coming home? More importantly, when are you coming back to tennis?