Gadget: washer/dryer

This is a gadget we dont love, but it is interesting and we are glad
to gave it. It is a single unit washer and dryer. The entire cycle
takes about 5 hours, but it is pretty nice to set it and forget it, or
go to bed. The only problem is that it doesn't really tumble dry
things, so some clothes can come out pretty wrinkled. We have found
that for pants, button down shirts, it us best to hang those in the
shower with the blowers on and let the washer/dryer dry the knit
shirts and small items. Also, this washer produces tons of lint. All
the technology in Japan and I can't believe they haven't solved this
problem by now. But in any case, we are glad to have a dryer because
they are not common and most people still hang their clothes outside

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