This huge lighted sign in Ginza reads "Goo". We're not sure what kind
of business this sign is advertising but considering all of the weird
and wonderful things we've found during our travels in Japan, the kids
had plenty of ideas:

Trip: maybe that building has baby stuff in it because babies
sometimes say goo

Ellie: it could be a grocery store that sells gooey foods

Trip: I think that on the seventh floor there might be a big vat of
goo that kids can put their hands in and play with.

Ellie: it could be a company that makes stuff like gel for your hair
but here they call it goo.

We have only a few days left in Tokyo so I guess we'll never know.


  1. Although Ellie and Trip might be disappointed with this, I think that this is a commercial for a magazine which providing used-car ads and information called "Goo" (
    Sincerely wish you all a great trip back to Philly!

  2. I think it means.......oh never mind......I forgot this is a family blog!