Karaoke anyone?

Upon hearing that Ellie loves karaoke, our hosts took us to a karaoke
palace. We had tried karaoke in Tokyo (busted, we didn't post photos)
at a pretty slick spot, but Party City in Taipei was like checking
into a luxury hotel. Resplendent in marble and granite, with leather
furniture and crystal chandeliers, this must be the most elegant place
on the planet to belt out your favorite Disney tunes. Our family and
the Chens had our own private room with drinks, snacks, microphones,
and a high tech AV system. Ellie spends most of her days singing to
herself so having her own room and speaker system was like living a
dream. Trip really enjoyed singing and dancing, but only if we all
promised not to look at him.


  1. Why isn't Polk singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" like he did with Greg Russell?

  2. Ellie - I just got you a belly dancer scarf in the bazaar in Cairo. You can take your kareoke act to a whole new level. Grammie