Last stop on the tour

This is the last photo on the apartment tour. (If you are just joining
us, scroll down to the beginning of the tour.)

This photo is looking through the dining/living room into our bedroom.
There are sliding doors to close off the room, but when they are open
it expands the space or we can watch TV from in bed. Our room has
double closets, a desk, and a door to the balcony. If you are
wondering what the kids are doing, they are watching video iPods for
some quiet time after a long day on the town.

Thanks for letting us show you around. It is small, but this is Tokyo.
We are actually incredibly comfortable here. It is only our stuff that
requires more space at home. Oh yeah, and friends and family who come
to visit; they take up space too. So thanks for visiting us on our
website, where we don't need space and stuff to entertain you.

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