Mommy's Birthday

For my birthday, Polk took the kids to the train museum. I headed to a
hot spring spa near the Tokyo Dome. I changed into my spa-provided
liesure wear, got a scalp massage, soaked in the hot springs pools and
saunas, had lunch, got a shiatsu massage, took a nap in the relaxation
room, went back in the hot springs and saunas, got dressed to go, went
shopping in Shinjuku, had this lovely dinner, got some fancy pastries
and headed home. Phew! What a day!


  1. Happy Birthday... although it is kind of too late to say so...
    After seeing all the great places where you have visited in Japan so far, I really envy you guys as I have only ever been to a couple of these places during my 3-year stay in Japan.
    Anyhow, please be ready for more great places in Taipei during your stay here next week, including the so-far officially tallest building in the world!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! In answer to your email to me, I read your blog EVERYDAY! I have become a "Family Escape" junkie and really look forward to it. I almost don't want you to come home because I will miss your postings! I have just been woefully remiss in posting comments. Tennis has been good, but will be more fun when you get back. Forwarded your email to Benji about the tattoos. No response from him yet.

  3. Happy Birthday, We are in Sicily on your birthday, but you seem to have had a great day!! Dad