Rice burger

This is a fast food that somehow escaped my notice, until now.
Apparently, it was invented by the Japanese chain Mos Burger and it is
now so popular in Taiwan that they even sell them at McDonalds. We
wanted to try one for lunch at the theme park even though I was
mistakenly thinking that a rice burger was some sort of healthy
Gardenburger style rice-based patty on a bun. Wrong. The bun is made
of rich, sticky rice and the meat is the same sweet sliced beef and
onions that they use in Japanese beef bowl. It was very satisfying.
Anyone who likes dim sum, beef bowl, or even Philly steaks would
appreciate a rice burger so keep your eyes out for a chance to try one.

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  1. Yum! That sounds delish. Can you please bring me back some?

    We miss you guys! Hope we get to see you between Japan and Ireland!