Senso-ji Temple

Ellie and I ventured out on our own to brave the crowds and take in
the scene at the 700 year old Senso-ji Temple here in Tokyo. It is a
huge tourist attraction, but it is clearly a popular place for regular
folks as well. I had an abundance of 5 yen coins so we threw them all
in and made a mess of wishes.

We also planned to visit a neighborhood bath that was described by the
Lonely Planet guide book as a great old place to soak in the waters
and the atmosphere.

We entered, put our shoes in the shoe lockers, found the ladies locker
room and were half way undressed when we decided to skip the soak
altogether. If atmosphere means peeling paint, grimy tiles, unimproved
since it was rebuilt following WWII, then this was the place. We had
to sheepishly get dressed again and ask for our money back. The man at
the door didn't actually speak English, but I did my best to
communicate in signs and gestures that it was all my fickle daughter's
idea to leave, but it seemed like a lovely place. Ha!

The amount we were refunded was exactly the admission charge to a
small amusement park just outside so we took it as a sign and spent a
couple of hours there. Shh, don't tell Trip he missed it.

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