Shark Fin Soup

Yup, that's what I said. After a long, hot, fun day at the theme park
we were whisked off to meet the gentlemen at the Taipei Hyatt where
our hosts treated us to a spectacular meal in a private dining room
along with some of their law colleagues and another visiting American

Unfortunately, the formal and fashionable environs were a bit much for
the kids and I spent most of the cocktail hour in the ladies room with
Trip who was having a flying, screaming fit over some small thing. His
shrieks reverberated nicely off of the marble walls. But then he got
over it and joined us for dinner. I will say that we were totally
saved by the tiny video iPods I had in my purse. When it was clear
that they weren't going to eat anymore, we let them leave the dinner
party and hide behind the couch. They were quiet until the evening
broke up around 11 and I don't think anyone even knew our secret.

So back to the dinner... Wow! We were served probably 8 or 10
different courses including the shark fin soup. I was very smooth when
I got up to get my iPhone and quickly snap this photo. I don't think
anyone noticed and I thought you would want to see this. The soup was
extremely thick and rich but with a very light taste. The fin itself
was, I would say, most like a mushroom. It could be broken apart using
the spoon with a little effort. Very interesting... as was the entire
meal, as was the conversation and company. A night to remember.

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