That's Seven-Five-Three. Today was the festival day when children who
turned seven, five, or three in the last year go to the temple dressed
in their finest clothes. They have their picture taken, participate in
a ceremony in the temple, and get bags of goodies including long-life
candy. Ellie's kimono was not nearly as fancy as the other girls' and
apparently I didn't even have it tied quite right because a lady re-
did it for her just before we went into the temple, but we had a great
adventure muddling through the whole process and Ellie made a lot of
people smile.

Trip, by the way, is sporting a pirate tie from the Japan equivalent
of the dollar store. Also handsome.


  1. Tripster!! You look taller. The Japanese food must have made you grow.

  2. I love the hand on the hip and the tie! Very dapper!