Taipei 101

This is a photo of Ellie, Trip, and Jennie writing in their journals
on the observation deck of Taipei 101, the world's tallest building,
pictured behind them. It is so tall that we have had a hard time
getting a good picture of the whole building, but we were successful
later in the evening.

According to a sign at the top, it is called Taipei 101 because, "This
world class building is a product of Technology, Art, Innovation,
People, Environment, and Identity, the very six factors that have
created the TAIPEI of today. 101 not only reminds us of the ones and
zeros in electronic technology but represents a surpassing of the 100
percent perfect mark as well." Duh, and I thought it was called that
just because it has 101 floors. Silly me.

Apparently, there is a building under construction in Dubai that will
be nearly double the size of this one when completed, but for now
Taipei 101 holds a number of world records including: tallest to
structural top (508m), tallest to roof (448m), highest occupied floor
(101), fastest elevator (37 seconds), longest elevator, and six more
related to construction and architecture. It was quite an experience
to be at the top.

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