We're baack...

Here we are waiting for luggage at the Atlanta airport. We are staying
here overnight then tomorrow we fly to North Carolina, rent a car to
drive to the ocean, then take a ferry to Bald Head Island where we
will spend Thanksgiving with family. By the way, they only drive golf
carts on the island. Are there any modes of transportation we have
overlooked on this trip?


  1. Your blog should be titled "Sarah and Polk and Ellie and Trip's Excellent Adventure". In my current issue of Coastal Living there is an article about an American Family (3 kids) who spent a year sailing the coasts of Greenland, Norway and Iceland. I thought of you guys......it could be your next adventure! In the meantime, welcome (almost) home, and Happy Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see you and hear more......but no more gadgets stories, please!

  2. By the way, Winston may be happy to see you, but my sister won't. She just loves him. If you ever need to "board" him again, look no further........