Planning: Colonial Williamsburg for Thanksgiving

    We have been feeling an urge to escape the daily routines and head out on a trip.  It is a busy time with work and school, so we seized the Thanksgiving weekend, looked at our travel wish list, and chose Colonial Williamsburg.  Our kids love history and Williamsburg is one of the most commonly mentioned destinations for those who have been interested in renting our RV.  It seems like a great time to check it out.  However, other than a campground reservation at American Heritage, we don't have many specifics planned as of yet.
     One thing I know will be on our agenda is the Thanksgiving Feast.  A few years back, we spent Thanksgiving at the Hershey Lodge, which was great, but I recall feeling let down by the Thanksgiving-in-a-restaurant experience.  I must confess that for a big meal like Thanksgiving, I am prone to get a little Martha Stewart.  Not this year though!  For Thanksgiving in the RV, I am actually getting kind of excited to attempt to recreate the basic feast I see stacked up in the grocery stores every year.  It will just be two adults and two finicky kids, so I am going to go with a boneless turkey breast, cooked all day in the crock pot. A jar of gravy. A box of Stove Top stuffing boosted with sauteed celery and onions (stop me if I get too Martha!). Some doctored canned sweet potatoes.  Oh yeah, canned jellied cranberry sauce, there's nothing like it.  Frozen green beans - I draw the line at canned green beans - made into ye olde green bean casserole.  Real mashed potatoes (what's more portable than spuds? I just need to remember to pack my masher). Pepperidge Farm rolls with butter.  And, this may be the hardest part but really should be fine for two adults and two kids... a frozen pumpkin pie with a can of whipped cream.

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