RV Feast - After

It was good! It was good!  I set off the smoke alarm more than a few times in the RV with all of this serious cooking.  I started by browning the boneless turkey roast in the frying pan on the stovetop then I put it in the crockpot with some broth, white wine, poultry seasoning and fresh herbs (I couldn't help it). I plugged it in outside and let it cook all day.  Next, I had two nice disposable oval casseroles that fit side by side in our small oven. My daughter made the sweet potato casserole avec marshmallows. I made the proverbial green bean casserole with the proverbial canned fried onions.  We set them aside and went off for a bike ride until we started to feel hungry. The kids played with other kids on the playground and we had a drink while the aroma of turkey filled the campground, possibly from our crockpot, but also from the many deep fryers about. It was a beautiful day and we were thrilled to be able to set our table outside.  The casseroles went into the little oven. I heated the gravy and put it in a thermal coffee mug. I boiled the potatoes, made the stuffing, mashed and prepped the potatoes, sliced the cranberry, set out the crudité and we were ready! Along with dinner rolls from the bakery, this is what it looked like.  And you'll never guess... it was actually very, very good.  Maybe not the absolute best I've ever had, but for the time, effort, and expense, it really was excellent.  Happy Thanksgiving feast in the RV!

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