Essential Product For Travel With Kids: Batter Blaster

Whether you are heading out in a motorhome or heading for a rental vacation home, if your kids are anything like mine, I highly recommend this product... Batter Blaster!  Yes, it is exactly what it looks and sounds like.  It is pancake batter in a whipped cream-like can. No, nobody paid me to promote this.  It is just that perfect for family travel that I had to tell you about it.  And before you get all "kids these days and their processed food and junk and what is the world coming to when you can squirt batter out of a can...", I would just like to point out that this product is organic, has a very short ingredient list, and I bought it at Whole Foods, though I have also seen it once at Giant.  All it needs is a clip-on butter and syrup dispenser. Perfection!

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