Planned Summer 2010 Odyssey

We hear all the time from people dreaming of taking off in an RV for a big adventure.  We've got dreams of our own like that including a big trip out west, national parks, Route 66, the works. Next year, perhaps.  But this summer, we are going to combine all of our summer vacations and visits into one long journey to try out the long-term RV experience, family style. I will be posting daily from the road about our experiences and destinations. Half the fun is in the planning and anticipation and we've only just started. Here it is:

2 parents, 2 kids
2 countries
8 or 9 states and a province
Both peninsulas of Michigan
All 5 Great lakes and then some
Bridges, tunnels, locks, falls, beaches, bays...
2 full-week Atlantic beach vacations
3,515 miles
10 stops
6 weeks

This is our plan for Summer 2010! Stay tuned...

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