Trip Preview: Gettysburg

photo: National Park Service

     For Memorial Day weekend, we are getting ready to explore Gettysburg and I will be posting daily while we are on the go.  We are thinking of having the motorhome ready to roll through the car line at school to pick up the kids Friday afternoon since they are still little enough to think that's super cool.  Gettysburg will be a nice trip for us because it is only about a two-hour drive from our home base in Philadelphia.  We will be settled in our campsite, beverages in hand, grill smoking by dinnertime.
     We are planning to stay at the Artillery Ridge Campground. This is a private campground and it is popular because it is right at the battlefield.  In fact, they told me I snagged the last spot when I called a couple of months ago for reservations.  They stable the horses there that are used for trail tours and campers coming with their own horses can bring them and rent stables.  This weekend, there is supposed to be a major historical encampment so I am anticipating that many of the actors will be there, with their horses.  The campsites are situated around the horse corrals so it should be really fun, though possibly fragrant! One challenge of traveling over holiday weekends is that most campgrounds require a minimum three night reservation.  So if we had visions of a quick weekend trip and then one day to relax or be productive at home, we'd have to pay.  But now that we are committed to the complete experience, we have been doing our research and looking forward to taking our time.
     This trip will also be our kids' first introduction to the Civil War.  Living in Philadelphia and having traveled to Colonial Williamsburg, they know all about the Redcoats and the Patriots.  The war between the states, however, will require a little more nuance to explain. This weekend will be all about the North and the South, the Blue and the Gray, the Yankees and the Confederates. Stay tuned for photos and details.

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