Away to Awenda

We didn't mind the craziness of Niagara Falls because we knew that our next few days would be quiet and remote.  We were headed for the Canadian wilderness.  Only about 2 hours beyond Niagara, we reached our first stop: Awenda Provincial Park.

Our campsite was deep in the woods but right away the kids noticed that there were still-warm embers in the fire ring.  We told them to try to relight the fire, thinking they wouldn't be able to, just hoping to keep them busy while we set up camp.  Of course, with some leaves, bark, and some huffing and puffing, they had a nice little fire going within minutes.

Trip, wearing his French explorer's (faux) coon skin cap, found a trail leading out of our campsite and right up our own private little mountain.  It was quite a scramble to the top, but once up there, you could glimpse the glittering blue of Lake Huron. Cool.

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