First Glimpse of Niagara Falls

Following our slightly later than expected departure from home, we made excellent time to Niagara Falls, breezed through the border crossing (as much as one can breeze through anything with a motorhome, tow car, bikes, kids, dog, etc) and found our campsite at the Ontario KOA with plenty of time to get a jump on seeing the sights. However, the kids, not really understanding what sights we came to see, had other plans. They love to stay at KOA campgrounds because they are very popular with families. These campgrounds generally have that elusive critical mass of kids which allows them to find a buddy right away, jump into a wiffle ball game, organize a biking group, meet friends on the playground, bond on the jumping pillow. Not to mention the pool. You can't keep them out of the pool. After riding 8 hours, the kids didn't want to go anywhere. They just wanted to stay and play, maybe eat some dinner, roam around until dark, and watch a movie on the giant inflatable screen out in the nearby field. So that's what we did.

The next morning, I was anxious to go to the falls and see the look on their faces when they realized what we had really come here to see. But they still wanted to hang around and play. We pretty much had to drag them to the car and force them to go see Niagara Falls. What a great start to a six week trip! They got a little more interested when they saw the fun houses, fudge shops, and wax museums of this ultimate tourist trap. Then we hopped on a ferris wheel, rose above the weird novelties of Niagara, and got a good look at the view above. Wow!

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