Galaxy Golf and other great tourist traps

Once we had seen Niagara Falls from the edge, from the top of a ferris wheel, from water level by boat, and via IMAX film, we were ready to succumb to the seriously touristy side of Niagara.  

It really was fun to walk around and the number of goofy attractions was seemingly endless.  I have always wanted to go to a Ripley's Believe It or Not and we figured that this would be a good one.  It was fun, weird, and really interesting.

Descending deeper into the trap o' tourists, we told the kids that they could pick an attraction.  They picked a good one in Galaxy Golf which was a huge indoor miniature golf place that was dark, illuminated only by black lights.  The putters, balls, course, carpets, and walls were flourescent so everything, including our teeth and socks, glowed in the dark.  It was actually really fun and we would do it again.  To round out our touristy day, we ate some exorbitant ice cream, bought some fudge, and headed back to the campground. Awesome!

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