Lucky to be Onboard

Well, we headed off on our six week road trip, but it almost didn't get off as planned. The truth is that we very nearly had a Home Alone moment. Here's how it went down...

The night before our trip, we loaded up the motorhome. Then we gave the kids a bath, dressed them in comfortable, clean clothes, and put a movie on for them in the rv, gave them blankets and pillows, buckled them in comfortably, and told them to go to sleep. We closed all of the blinds and pulled a curtain tightly around the area where the kids were, hoping they would get a good night's sleep, waking up a few hours down the road.

We then went inside to clean up around the house, take care of some final details, and go to bed. It was our plan to wake up at 4am, jump in the motorhome, and take off so we could get to our first stop with plenty of time left in the day. Well, that plan went awry when I, not usually the first one awake, noticed that the sun was coming up. Hmmm... It was 6am. We had overslept, but it was ok, because we would still get there in plenty of time. We hurried downstairs, found the coffee pot ready and waiting, filled up our mugs, locked the house, and hopped in our seats.

As my husband set the GPS I decided to get a little half and half for our coffee from the well-stocked RV fridge. I wasn't going to mess with the kids because I didn't want to wake them up, but I saw my son's foot sticking out from under the curtain and I wanted to make sure he was in the right position for driving. Polk had the motorhome in gear and the whole train of RV, tow car, bikes and gear was rolling down the driveway, when I happened to peek around the curtain and saw that there was only one kid. Ellie wasn't there! Stop! I called out. Ellie is not here! What? Polk couldn't even comprehend what I was saying at first and kept saying, What?... She's not here! Where could she be?

She was in the locked house, sound asleep in her bed. At some point during the night, she had woken up. Having just returned from sleep away camp, she decided that she wanted to sleep one night in her own bed before leaving on the trip, so she came back inside the house and went back to sleep, but we never knew it. As you can see from the photo above, all's well that ends well. We scooped her up from her bed and buckled her into the motorhome. She and her brother slept soundly for a couple more hours and woke up in time to reject the granola bars I offered them in favor of a McDonald's big breakfast with pancakes, best enjoyed while rolling toward Niagara Falls.


  1. Glad that all ended well and the entire family is together for your travels. I chuckled at the granola bar vs. McDonald's breakfast options as I, too, have a McDonald's breakfast memory related to a camping road trip growing up. Not knowing that reservations were needed about a year in advance at Acadia National Park in Maine, we wound up putting up the pop-up camper in the overflow parking lot before moving on to our next destination. The best part of the trip was that we got to eat breakfast at McDonald's. That had never happened before and never happened since. Better luck next time with the granola bars. --- Maureen

  2. Welcome back, Ellie!

    By the way, Jennie says hello to you and Trip and would like to know whether Flat Stanley has been with you this time?

  3. Hilarious! What if you guys didn't use Half and Half or drink coffee?!

  4. I think Trip looks like Grampie in this picture (or at least what Grampie looked like when he was a little boy).