Sand Tarts

More unexpected thrills from Dayton, Ohio! You know how I love to try local specialties, especially ones of the dessert persuasion.

When I spotted a huge tray of these odd looking cookies at a family event, I concluded that they must have been served because they were something special. Then I investigated further by going ahead and eating one right then and there, well before lunch. Yep, they were tasty. I ended up having to eat several more in order to fully appreciate their crunchy-chewy nature and their delicate cookie spiciness.

Apparently, they are a local favorite called Sand Tarts. It doesn't sound as good as, say, the Butter Tarts I posted from Ontario, but they are. Except they are not tarts. They are cookies. Very mysterious. They taste a bit like a cross between an old fashioned molasses cookie and an oatmeal cookie minus the oatmeal, if that makes any sense. Then the exterior is coated with granulated sugar and they are topped with swirls of dry meringue, which is weird, but it works.

Now you too have a reason to visit Dayton.

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