Summer to Fall (and back)

This post isn't exactly about travel. It is about a long fall weekend day at home. But it is about how the trips we take can shape our lives in ways big and small and in ways we can't anticipate, long after we return.

Today, it was something small, but significant nonetheless. During our trip last summer, my mother in law had a jar of Green Tomato Mincemeat Jam that someone had given her. We enjoyed it with crackers and chevre with wine. I brought the recipe home with me and thought about it throughout the last couple of months. During this busy weekend at the end of October, I picked all of my green tomatoes, loaded them in a pot with apples, raisins, brown sugar, cider vinegar, and loads of spices. The aroma was the perfect blend of summer and fall.

While the pot simmered, I spent the afternoon thinking of our time in Northern Michigan, especially the early evening light reflecting off of Lake Michigan and streaming through the windows to bathe our cocktail hour in sparkling gold. I ended up with 16 jars, ready for more evenings with friends, family, crackers, and wine. Maybe we'll take some with us on our travels.

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