Back at Baby Boss

You might imagine a lot if things a family would see and do upon arrival in Taipei, but you would not imagine this, unless you are a long-time reader and remember how much the kids loved it last time we traveled this way.

Baby Boss is a huge, mall-sized placed where kids can stroll through a fake town and sign up to do any number of jobs. They are then outfitted and trained in a simulated workplace. In the photo above, you can see that they climb into a real airplane to be pilots.

They stayed a full day, from 10-5, in spite of massive jet lag, to try 10 different jobs: pilot, flight attendant, construction worker, gold miner, astronaut, firefighter, ambulance driver, emergency room doctor, surgeon, and music producer. And the end of each job, they got a trading card and Baby Boss Bucks.

Of course, Baby Boss should have been paying our host's 9 year old daughter Jennie in real bucks because she worked hard all day translating everything from Chinese to English for our kids. Now that is an impressive job!

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