In Training

Somehow, I never quite finished posting all of the pics I wanted to from our Asia trip, but I may yet, so check back.  We got home in time for the holidays which always take me until the end of January to recover from.  Then we host the Girl Scout cookies for our troop so that makes February crazy with cases and boxes coming and going.

When March comes, I am seriously ready for another trip. But this year, we didn't plan one.  We wanted to go skiing in New Mexico, but there wasn't much snow.  We were planning to skip the last week of school for our big trip out west (more to come on that later) and we had already missed two weeks for Hong Kong and Taiwan.  We didn't want to push it, so we decided not to travel in March and instead wait until the school spring break in April.  We are going to go skiing at Alta in Utah and stay at the famous Alta Lodge.  Very, very excited.

Meanwhile, I have begun training for our seven-week summer RV trip.  What kind of training does an RV trip require?  Well, judging from some of the (lack of) activity I see in a lot of campgrounds, not much.  But I am going to try to learn to embrace running as exercise.  It is true that we haul two sailing kayaks, four bikes, a ladder ball set, kiteboarding equipment, tennis gear, yoga mats, pilates bands, and assorted frisbees and balls when we travel, but the simplest and toughest workout we can do on the road requires nothing more than some skimpy clothing, some decent shoes, and if I really want to be fancy, some headphones for my iPhone. I can reliably run 5K now so I am hoping to be able to up it to a solid 5 miles in a reasonably short amount of time. If I can get in a good run and a nice hot shower within an hour, anywhere we go on the road, I'll be set for the summer.

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