Flood's a-comin'

As we cleared out of Northern Iowa, we weren't the only ones. Apparently, they were expecting a flood along the Platte river. People in town were busy filling and passing sand bags. The guys at the gas station told us to fill with diesel because by later that morning, every station in 50 miles would be pumping the fuel out of the tanks and closing up shop. As you can see in the photo, the McDonald's was well fortified but the Arby's next door was closed and they were pulling everything out the back door into a rented trailer. We got our gas and our McMuffins and peeled out. Crossing the river, it didn't look any higher than any of the other high rivers and creeks we've crossed, but they may have been expecting some sort of dam release later in the day. With all of the flooding in the news in various parts of the country, we never did hear whether or when the high water came.

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