Getting ready to go again

So long little garden. I worked so hard to get you all planted and perfect. Every sugar snap pea vine is led onto the fence for climbing. The baby mesclun has germinated and grown to its most tender point. The strawberries are shining and red with the raspberries and blackberries not far behind. Summer vegetables like eggplant, peppers, and loads of tomatoes are pruned and propped up. When I return from our coming adventure, it will no longer be a pretty little garden. It will be a wild jungle, abundant with fruits and vegetables ready to harvest, I hope, or abundant with munching pests and rotten plant matter if I am less lucky.  Some people wonder why we want to leave our house, our yard, our friends, our activities to go drive around and camp out on sites that are not much bigger than this little garden. I love all of that stuff, including the garden, but I love it more because I can leave it.

I call our travels The Family Escape, because that is how I feel about the trips we take. It is not that our suburban life is anything so terrible that I have to escape from it, but sometimes the demands on our time pile up so much that the only way to get out from under them is to... Escape. Drive to the airport, hop on a train, or in this case, just quietly roll out of the neighborhood in our motorhome. No, I'm sorry, I can't make a pasta salad for the softball team potluck picnic. In fact, we can't go. We'll be away. Oh look, I just weeded the entire yard a week ago and now there are new weeds sprouting up everywhere. That's too bad. By the time they are big enough to be pulled, I'll be away. You want to schedule a bunch of meetings when you know I can make it? Well, I'm not sure how that will work because I'll be away. For two months. I guess you'll have to work it out without me. See how that works? I just escaped.

And when I return, the first thing I will do, even before I go in the house, is walk around back and check out the garden. I will probably start pulling weeds along the way.

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