Local eats: Kringla

Score! We pulled off the road in Boone, Iowa for a quick break and spotted a little farmers' market in the corner of a WalMart parking lot, about to close for the day. Well, it was the kids' kind of farmers' market because there were no vegetables to be had. But there were lots of interesting baked goods.

These are Kringla, a not too sweet Norwegian cakey cookie that is a local treat. The stand owner, Bev of Bev's Little Bakery, told us they were good with coffee in the morning. We'll see if they last that long.

There is a chance because we also got a plate of waffle cookies which she described as kind of like brownies. They are chocolate and made on a waffle iron and coated with a chocolate ganache glaze... very popular with the kids as you might imagine.

Bev then threw in a big bag of Puppy Chow which intrigued the kids. It had been a long time since I'd had those little Chex cereal nuggets coated with peanut butter and powdered sugar. The puppy got none.

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