We were here: John Deere

One of the stops we planned to make on our travels west was the John Deere pavilion showcasing all manner of tractors and farm equipment. We learned about the history of the company here in Moline, Illinois. We learned a lot about farming and how high tech equipment will help a finite and diminishing amount of farmland to feed an ever increasing world population. And then... Hey! Are you yawning?! Did I mention that we could climb on and in all of these huge tractors? Yes! And there were simulators we could drive to try out the controls on their construction machines, like seeing how fast we could use a big digger to fill a dump truck full of dirt - very tricky!

Ok, we will admit that even after wandering around for an hour, we did have to enlist an older volunteer gentleman to walk around and give us a little farming 101, telling us what each huge piece of machinery actually does. The one in this picture, you might think is so huge you would only see it on display, but we have seen at least two just driving down the road in the day since we were there. I can't recall what it does, but you might ask the kids because they have both proclaimed that they want to be farmers when they grow up.

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